June 8, 2011

Thank You!!

Thank you to everyone who looked over my blog lately and participated in the giveaway. I hope the five winners enjoy their units.

Now that summer time has rolled around the content updates will be slimmer here on Frolic and Farce. However, over the summertime I am instituting a new category: My Bookshelves, where I highlight one of my favorite books from my own bookshelves. That way, even though we won't be reading as much (there are mountains to be hiked!!!) you can still find some quality reading material suggestions.

I'll also be posting a little bit about the curriculum I'm putting together for next year and any last follow-ups we do from the last year. Also, I'll be wrapping up Baptism Prep as Miriam will be baptized in July.

I hope you keep checking in and have a great summer!