July 22, 2013


This has easily been the busiest summer of my life.  Between baby Oskar (he turns five months in two days!!), extensive partying with my family, and Relief Society responsibilities, I feel like I've accomplished nothing but never had a spare moment.  I've heard this feeling intensifies as children get older and busier.  Frightening.  

The past two weeks or so I've tried to gather myself together a little and remind myself that the summer will end and homeschooling will not.  It was time to formulate some plans, buy some materials, put together some units.  I felt bone dry, creatively speaking.

Then I looked through my blog.  I CAN create fun activities.  I am a professional teacher and a veteran homeschool mama (does 5 years make you a veteran? I say yes).  I just forgot for awhile that school can and should be the best part of my day.  

Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration.  And sleep.  I'm going to bed now and when I wake up tomorrow I am going to whip me up a little unit fantasticalness.  

Medieval History and Life Science here we come!!!!  (Any ideas would be appreciated.)  :)