August 10, 2010


No, I have not entirely disappeared.

It's been a crazy summer. Full of heat, and fun, two new dogs (long story--but we LOVE them), and hormones. Yes, that's right. First a miscarriage and now what appears to be a real pregnancy. My new-found hypersensitivity to hormones (thank you molar pregnancy) led to some rather rough patches. Rough months.

Now there is just tentative excitement, terror-filled dread (don't pretend you don't feel it when you get pregnant), and exhaustion.

It is hard to imagine that I usually have the entire year loosely planned by now. Not this year. I'm definitely scrambling. September 6th is looming. LOOMING. And I've got . . . a few weak ideas for the first day of school celebration and my sister coming to talk about proper dental care the third day. That's it.

So, I'm sorry that I've been MIA over the summer. I'm back now and once the nausea and paranoia subside, I might just whip out a few units. Desperation used to fill me with incredible creativity and quick-thinking skills. We'll see what happens now that I'm old and couldn't pull an all-nighter if my very homeschool depended on it.

Good luck to all the rest of you who are pulling together your homeschools and revving up for the new school year. If you have any good ideas for the first day of school celebration--send them my way!! Please!!


  1. Well, we will be visiting Lincoln's birthplace for our first day of school. But I don't imagine you will be able to swing that one. :-)
    We have decided that we want to start each year with a breakfast out (Bob Evans!) and a field trip.
    Congratulations and good luck with the pregnancy!

  2. Wow Andrea what a summer for you and your family. I hope everything calms down for you all and that you feel well the rest of your pregnancy.

  3. Congrats and you sound like me, last year! I got pregnant towards the end of the summer and our school year was not quite what I wanted it to be! I did my best, though! It is kinda challenging to be pregnant and homeschool! :) Best wishes this year! :)

  4. Nice meeting you at the library today. Looking forward to more posts from you.