September 6, 2010

Twas the Night Before School

I love the excitement of the night before school starts. I love to see new school clothing laid out neatly, after the children spent agonizing minutes deciding which new items to wear first.

I love that the kids tucked their underwear into their new clothes, and out of sight.

And yes, Cowen laid out his clothes in the girls' room. It was more companionable, I guess.
Miriam has been so thoroughly anxious to get her hands on the school books (from the library). She had a thirty second glimpse while I took the picture then I shuffled her out the door.

Emeline's cubicle/locker is pretty empty. That will change as I figure out what she wants to do and she refuses to throw anything away.

IKEA bookshelves turned sideways and hung on the wall. Perfect for school. Miriam helped me finish labeling all the binders today and then she carefully placed each one in the correct cubicle.
The kids have art books, math binders, logic binders, and a binder to hold all their best work. Along with a few notebooks for language arts.

Miriam was practically giddy looking through all her notebooks and binders. And, of course, right now they should be sleeping but the can't.

It isn't Christmas, but it is still pretty thrilling.


  1. Looks great! So cute that they are so excited! My kids wanted to start early, so we did! I was planning on starting tommorrow, but ended up starting 2 weeks ago. We kinda had some canning days and this week was kinda short, so we are really going to buckle down this week! LOL! Happy Homeschooling! Love the Ikea shelves and all the binders! We have lots of binders, too! LOVE it!

  2. Love the glimpse into your school room. What do you use the binders for?