October 12, 2010

Kitchen Science by Becky

why i love homeschooling:


i bribed the kids with a promise to make cookies
if they finished both all their lessons and all their carrots at lunch.
i'm a multi-tasking mama that way.
anyhoo, while we were cleaning up we started talking about how sugar dissolves in water
and before you know it,
we were having an impromptu science experiment
where we saw what and how different elements of our cookies dissolved.
and in the process made the kids talk about their "hypothesis" and make "predictions".
from flour to chocolate to oil and sugar, we tried it all,
even talking about how fats dissolve at higher temperatures.
further, luke came up with the bright idea of putting a whole clump of cookie dough in one of the glasses.
that was a fun one, because i was able to talk about how the sugar was dissolving, the chocolates sank to the bottom and the fat floated to the surface.
luke wants to a lot more of this same type of experiment tomorrow
which means i should go google furthers as fast as possible tonight.
and what i've learned about homeschooling,
that no matter where a learning lesson comes from or how unprepared i am,
there's always something to learn off the cuff.

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  1. I love all your ideas. Great blog and I'm so glad I found it.