March 11, 2011

reading charts and rewards...

(click on picture for full size and print it if you want to)
so, this is a reading chart i made for luke.
we're trying to motivate him to read to us,
on his own, to his sister, to anyone.
we just want him to read, read, read.
and to motivate him to do that,
we make these charts.
he picks the images -
(we're using fish this week)
and picks the reward as well.
so far his favorite reward seems to be
fudgscicle (sp?)/movie parties.
and to get both of them together -
he has to fill in two whole charts.
give it a try.
it's simple and fun.
and luke seems to really get motivated by this system.
(and he's hard to motivate)
okay, over and out.
becky from

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