April 17, 2012

Coming Back to the Blogging World

Hello everyone in the blogging/homeschool world that I haven't communicated with in ages. I'm re-entering the fray, so to speak. Lady Harriet turned 1, and just like with all my other babies, I've gotten a fresh burst of energy and motivation and back-to-myselfness now that post-partum is over.

I've been using that energy to work like a mad woman finishing up teaching a course for the local university--can't wait for those final grades to be entered--and putting the finishing (and starting) touches on two new units: Weather and Ancient History. Ta Dum!

I decided to switch to a year round schedule this year to accommodate the month I take off in the fall to garden and harvest and bottle. I'll see how it goes. I've added Eli (my 3 year old) into the school supply rotation, as he is desperate to sit at the table with the older kids during school. I've spent hours (literally) going through all the books on ancient history in two library systems so that I could have all my books picked for history for the whole year and I'm pretty much done with that. I went through the science materials and picked the best projects to do and assigned them to my husband (I'm more of a "learn through reading" kind of a gal--but my kids, sadly, love those experiments). And I've outfitted the kids' binders with updated pictures and tabs to reflect our new subjects.

In short, I've almost completely ignored my children for the past three weeks so I can spend more time with them starting Monday. The ironies of homeschooling are many. If I use every single moment wisely between now and Monday at 5:30 am, I might just be ready for our grand First Day of School 2012-2013 (that is THIS COMING MONDAY, if you missed that part).

Busy, busy.

But I miss blogging about our homeschooling adventures. Now that I'm retired (again, and for real!!! ((maybe))) from professional teaching, I'm hoping I can squeeze in a lot more blogging.

So, stay tuned for updates on the History Synthesis Projects I'm requiring from Miriam now that she's a grown-up 4th grader (at least, starting next week), the very best books for Ancient Persia, why and how we're tackling the Old Testament (still intimidated by that one), my two new favorite websites, my favorite curriculum I used last year, and anything else that crosses my mind.

Man, I love homeschooling!


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  2. I'm so happy you are back! :) I am going to a year-round schedule starting in May. I have a new baby and took a lot of time off -- more than I wanted to. It threw off my groove. I figure going year-round will better allow for breaks -- without messing up the school year!

  3. Welcome back!!!