May 18, 2012

Day 3 of Mesopotamia: Cuneiform and Ziggurats

 Day 3 of History Group involved writing in cuneiform.  Julie softened up the clay and formed it into "tablet" shape and wrapped it in tinfoil.  That was brilliant because the kids didn't waste a lot of time getting the clay ready and they weren't as tempted to make snakes.
Cuneiform and its translation can be printed off the internet.   That's what Julie did, and she had pages on the table for kids to reference.
The littles didn't really try to write anything--they just had fun using skewers to write in clay, but Miriam wrote her name and age.  She took it very seriously.

After cuneiform we made ziggurats out of cake.  I probably should have cut the cake in half, but I didn't.   The result was rather tipsy ziggurats.  Nobody complained.  I also shouldn't have made my all-time favorite dessert when I'm supposed to be cutting out sugar.  Oops.  Yeah, I ate some.  Maybe a little more than "some."  Best building materials I've ever eaten!

Eli iced his ziggurat then licked off the icing and iced it again.  I always suspected we were related and now it is absolutely confirmed.
We have new members in our history group!  Welcome Topher, and welcome Colleen, Topher's mom.
I love food, so cake ziggurats make perfect sense to me.  This was definitely a well-received activity.  You should all try it.  Then eat it.  Yum.

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