June 1, 2012

History Group: Persian Pony Express and Bas Relief

 Did you know that the Persians built an extensive road system and set up a mail system--or, at least, a way for the king to get messages from throughout the empire in practically no time at all (well, no time at all before texting)?  I didn't know that.  Since I have a son who loves the Pony Express, I thought it would be a good idea to emphasize that the Persians had a Pony Express thousands of years before the American one.
 We set up our own message relay system to demonstrate how different people taking the trip in stages allowed the person traveling to go full speed the whole time.  The kids loved it!  Obviously.  Who doesn't love running around?

 Emeline was the King.  The buck, ahem, message stopped there.  Then they switched and ran the message the other direction.  Loads of fun.
 After that we introduced the concept of bas relief carving.  Every single one of the Persian non-fiction books I checked out had numerous images of bas relief carving in them.  We passed around two of the books and then passed around Ivory soap and a plastic knife.  Then we tried our own carvings.
 Mine is on the left--it is supposed to be a warrior.  I can't remember what Colleen's was supposed to be.  The point is enjoying the attempt, right?
 Emeline thinks so.
 And yes, this is a gratuitous pic of Lady Harriet.  I just can't resist--she is in such a plump and perfect stage!!!

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