July 29, 2012

Egyptian Collars

 I would love to say that we have been working diligently on our studies, but we haven't.  Not even close.  My sister came into town and we have been partying so madly that none of us have yet recovered.  But that is what summer is for--lakes and swimming pools and barbecues and chocolate.  Oh wait--chocolate is an all-weather food, but you get my drift.
 We did manage, however, to start our Egypt unit.  We read two books (I'll tell you about them in a different post) and made Egyptian collars.  I got the idea from here.

 My son liked his so much that he made one for his dog.  Pretty sweet.
I also managed to bottle 19 quarts of green beans and 6 quarts of beets last week, so I guess I'm accomplishing something amidst the frenetic partying!

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