October 17, 2012

Big Cottonwood Canyon in the Fall

A few weeks ago I went on a hike with my friend Marilyn and her five kids.  Yay for hiking with 10 young children!  In all reality, the kids did awesome--I, however, felt extremely wimpy and decided I was done hiking with Harriet on my back.  Yes, I'm pregnant, and yes, Harriet is really heavy but still . . . I felt like a wuss.  Harriet had to walk at the end because my back was killing me.  

Despite the fact that I'm a wimp, we had such a glorious time!!  My favorite time of year up my favorite canyon on my favorite fall hike with lovely people.  Every fall I wish I could live in a tent for two months somewhere off this trail.  There is nothing that makes me feel closer to God than fall hiking.  It just does something for your soul.

 I know Marilyn will forgive me if I periodically get her boys mixed up (they all look alike).  The top picture is Abraham and Daisy and Emeline.  (I'm pretty sure.)
 This picture has Abe, Sebastian, Malachi, Daisy, and Cowen.
 Emeline rocks.  Seriously.  Again, Abe, Seb, Cowen, Emeline, and Daisy.
 Gorgeous.  Marilyn took all these pictures and then let me steal them for my blogs.  Her camera must be super nice or she is a great photographer because all the pictures are lovely.  It makes me want to go back immediately.  With Timothy so he can pack Lady Harriet.
 This hike is all around a watershed area and it is very marshy.  My kids love the boardwalks and looking for frogs and ducks.  That pic is Abe, Seb, Malachi, and Miriam.
 Lady Harriet on a rock.  Love that girl.  She had such a great time--especially when I took her out of the pack and let her run free.  She always ran the opposite direction we were headed, but she had fun!

 Marilyn dubbed this pic, "Swarming on Rock."  I like it.
 Cowen and Malachi.
 The lake.  This was where we ended up, but I think the hike circles around and you can go farther.  I've never gone farther.

 Eli had fun with Daisy.

 Miriam, Seb, and Harriet.

Eli heading to the hills.  What a Sackett--he doesn't need anything to survive in the wild.  Just watch out for that moose!!

 The crazy thing about this picture is that Marilyn didn't have to zoom in at all.  That is how close we were to the moose.  There was a lady moose a few steps the other direction.  There were several people standing around watching, but I got nervous (hasn't anyone else read Hatchet??) and made my kids move along.  We watched the moose from a safer distance.

If you live in Utah, you need to visit Big Cottonwood right now.  Some of the colors will have faded but other things will be changing.  I wish I could go every other day all fall season just to watch the glorious changes happening and feel the air start to chill.  It is so restful up there.  Even with troops of children.  :)


  1. I have a nice camera, which I only barely know how to use. That is all.

    We loved our hike and hope to meet you for one again some time! :)

  2. Where do you pull off to go on that hike? How beautiful!!! I haven't been in Big Cottonwood Canyon in ages. :(