September 21, 2013

First Field Trip 2013: Welding/Metal-Working

 Our first field trip was to a metal-working shop.  It was awesome.  Our host is a jack-of-all-trades and his workshop is a trove of treasures.  He was also extremely pleasant and authentically enjoyed the children.  According to my friend, Julie, who set up the field trip, he's a fantastic primary teacher.

 Emeline was the first child who tried welding.  She wasn't scared at all and kept trying to get a second turn.

Emeline, Cowen, and Eli all tried welding.  I tried to make sure Harriet kept her eyes closed and tried to ignore the risk of bodily harm as she ran up and down the pipes on the floor.  She never fell.

Really, this was interesting stuff and if you know a person who works with metal, I highly recommend you take your kids to visit.

DSCN7802 from Andrea Young on Vimeo.

DSCN7801 from Andrea Young on Vimeo.

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  1. This is a field trip I never would have thought of. Thanks for opening my eyes. glad everyone was safe.