October 4, 2013

First Day of Middle Ages Feast

Julie and I felt like we'd never manage to get together for our back-to-school Middle Ages Feast.  However, despite the fates conspiring against us, we did have our party and the children loved it.
 I was in charge of the food.  I learned a great many things--mainly that I am incredibly grateful for vegetables.  And gravy.  And chocolate.  I also learned that in the Middle Ages everything was cooked in a pie crust.  Most of the recipes I used came from this site:  http://www.godecookery.com/goderec/goderec.htm.
The meat pie was okay and most people liked it.  However, it was just meat.  In a shell.  I was tempted to add gravy but I was trying for authenticity so I didn't.  

 Above: an apple pie type dish that wasn't very good.  You cooked your apples and made an applesauce then added anise flavoring and bread crumbs to thicken.  It just tasted . . . not quite right without being awful.

The gyngerbrede was the runaway favorite of the children.  If you are going to make anything from the Middle Ages definitely try this one: http://www.greneboke.com/recipes/gyngerbrede.shtml.

Our entire menu: meat pie, applesauce pie, gingerbread, and mushroom pie.  (I picked the mushroom pie because I knew it would taste good and it did.)

Julie did the amazing part--creating fun Middle Ages clothing that reflected heraldic values.

 Above: Cowen's excitement when he heard what his animal and color meant.
 Ei in his amazingly awesome tunic.  Notice the green and the eagle.
 The girls got princess hats in their heraldic color and a necklace with an animal charm.

 Our knights.
Our ladies.

Later, on a different day, the kids and I talked about putting on the whole armor of God and developing virtues.  It all ties so beautifully to chivalry and heraldry.  I made the children cards with a picture of their animal followed by their name and what their animal and color mean.  They hung these on their walls.  On our upstairs wall we put a picture of the armor of God.

This one:


Purple Peacock

Majesty, justice, beauty, power, and knowledge

Dark Red Bear
Doesn’t seek a fight and yet, when required to fight, victorious
Strength, cunning, ferocity in protecting his family

Yellow Unicorn
Generosity and thoughtfulness; extreme courage; virtue and strength

Green Eagle
Hope, joy, loyalty, nobility, strength, bravery, alertness, intelligent, and just
Man of Action


Pink Dove

Peace, sincerity, gentleness, constancy 

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  1. I am only homeschooling one of my four kids right now (Lauren - she's in the presentation group that met today), but reading your blog makes me want to homeschool all of them... You're pretty darn inspiring. :)