December 3, 2013

Germinating Plant Unit

 We are almost completely finished with rocks (we're still working on our rock song) and have moved on to botany or plant biology or plants.  You can call it whatever you want.  We started out by reading through the book Eli is so happily holding up in the photo below.  I bought it at Smiths.  It was on a stand in their produce section.  I am positive there is a better fruit and vegetable encyclopedia out there somewhere, but this was handy and I'm lazy.
 My kids really loved looking through the pictures and talking about why different plants were put into the different categories.  I tried to interest them in some of the nutritional info but it didn't spark their curiosity.  Next time.
 After reading through the vegetable guide, we read, "Tops and Bottoms" by Janet Stevens.  It is really cute and my children loved it.  We did several activities based around the book.  I downloaded a teacher's unit materials and I highly recommend it--totally worth the $4.00.  You can find it here:
 Above: A tops and bottoms matching game.  Below: Harriet liked the book!
 Below: My niece, Ruth, was our visiting scholar.  She liked the glue.

I'd hoped to post a bunch of stuff about our plant activities today but things didn't go quite as planned and my camera battery died.  Where is the cord to recharge?????  One of many great mysteries in my life.  Hopefully my hubby will find it for me tonight and I can post some pics tomorrow.

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