May 20, 2014

Guest Post on Chocolate on My Cranium

Hey everyone, I'm excited today because I am guest posting at Chocolate on My Cranium.  This is super awesome because who doesn't love Montserrat?  Nobody.  She's amazing.  If you want to jump over, the post is about keeping sensitive skin (specifically children's skin) healthy.  See you there!

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  1. Thank you!!! I just got done reading your post. Sooooo helpful. We recently "discovered" that one of our kids has eczema, not horribly bad, but bad enough that cleansers and shampoos and soaps make her hands go super red, dry, and painful. For the longest time I thought her hands got red because she used super cold water when washing her hands! I felt so bad when I realized this is a real problem for her. We are in the process of changing our laundry detergent, shampoos, handsoap, and, for now, using rubber gloves for our weekly cleaning of the house. We all ready were using fragrance-free moisturizing lotion, but we quickly realized we needed to do more. I don't have sensitive skin like that, so I had no idea the pain and discomfort she has been experiencing. Makes me feel bad...Anyway, thank you so much!