August 22, 2014

Homeschool Wall Ready

 More organizing!!  Today I finished up last minute changes to our school and work schedules.  I decided Eli was old enough to do the downstairs vacuuming on Saturdays, so I took it off Miriam's chart and put it on his.  I also switched Tuesday and Thursday around since Miriam ended up attending classes on Tuesday when originally I thought she would be attending on Thursday.

The top row is our daily schedules, Monday-Friday.  Below that is our chore chart and scripture reading charts.

 Timothy would love to have cooler walls someday, but in the meantime--I find this set-up very convenient.
 A closer up view of Monday's schedule.  Yellow is play time, green is school, red is chores.
 The chore chart.

We set the goal that our children would read the Book of Mormon during the year they are 11 to prepare them for the temple.  Miriam is 11 so we are all helping her reach this goal by reading the Book of Mormon ourselves.  I have the tree chart.  I have a ways to go before our challenge ends on Miriam's 12th birthday.

My wall is in place, my schedule is in place, our boxes are ready.  Now if I only knew how to approach studying the Renaissance!!  Ack!!!

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  1. wow, those are some serious charts! Just saw your post on Latter-day Homeschooling so I thought that I would check out your blog. It's really inspiring.