February 2, 2015

This Blogging Break Was Brought to You By

Clover Mildred

born December 15, 2015

She is perfect and delightful and already sleeping 6 to 7 hours a night.
We started schooling today for the first time since her arrival.
It went well, but we didn't finish until 6:00 pm.  Oops.
Hopefully we'll get into the swing of things and I'll be able to blog again soon.


  1. She's beautiful! Congratulations!! :D

  2. I came across your blog (from looking at the contributers of the group blog you contributed to), and I just wanted to say thank you for all the inspiration! I have five kids (ages 8 months to 9) and am going to start homeschooling after this school year. I have bean leaning classically, and it has been nice to read your blog and get an idea of what you do, like the Rod and Staff grammar books, which I was already planning to use. Plus, I love reading about people with bigger families than I have right now, because it gives me hope that I will be able to function and make this homeschooling thing work, even through more children in the future. Plus, I love all your redheads, including your newest daughter - I wish I could have redheads, probably because I spent my youth (and young adulthood) wanting to be Anne of Green Gables. I guess I should have thought of that a little more closely when looking for a husband! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I spent a long time tonight reading through your archives and feeling inspired about starting homeschooling, instead of slightly overwhelmed. Thanks!

  3. Thora--thanks so much for the kind comments!! Didn't all of us want to be Anne of Green Gables?? My oldest pretty much is Anne. I enjoy that. You can homeschool!! It is so much fun (and sometimes it isn't any fun at all) but it has been so rewarding for our family. Good luck!!!!