March 22, 2010

Native American Books--My Favorites

I realize I usually have a lot more books to recommend. I'm afraid I just wasn't all that impressed with the Native American books we found. There are a lot of books about Pocahontas, but we spent a lot of time on her last year, so we didn't read any of those books again this year. Same with Squanto. With the amount of books about Native Americans available, I'm sure there are lots of gems I overlooked. Of the ones we read, these are our family's favorites.

This was a well-written book about Sacagawea. It supplemented what Miriam was already reading on her own, and the other children also enjoyed it. Plain and simple--she's an interesting person who lived a very interesting life.
I was a little hesitant about Tomi dePaola writing about Native Americans, but he does an excellent job. He has several, and they are all good, but this was the best.
This is a pretty book. Short, simple, great pictures. All the kids loved it.
Surprisingly, this was our favorite book of all of them. The kids loved comparing Grandma Maxine to Sacagawea. They were also glad that Grandma Maxine had a teepee, even if she didn't live in it. The story rotates around a young Native American girl who talks about her life and the stories her Grandma tells her about when she was little. It showcases just how much things change. This is a great one!

All of these books are available through the Davis County, UT, library system.

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