March 16, 2010

Native American Music (sort of): Running Bear Loved Little White Dove

We don't normally use costumes as small people are incredibly distracted by costumes and often forget to sing because they are wearing a costume.

But this was Running Bear. A legend. It needed a little something.
It needed a little bit of headgear.

It needed a little bit of feathers.

PS--All Emeline wanted for Christmas was a drum, so she got a drum. And even now, months later, she still sticks out her tongue each and every time she plays.
My sister-in-law Lindsay Ann and I threaded beads and feathers onto regular bracelet string then reinforced the feathers with some glue-gun glue, and then glued the whole thing onto a plain clip. It worked like a charm for the girls' hair. So cute!

My son insisted on a loin cloth. We compromised.

Miriam was the lead singer. She was awesome. And I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom.
That's Ty. He was very serious about his flute playing responsibilities. Trust me, during the practices of this song, he was never that solemn.

None of the children were solemn during the practices. This was, without question, one of their favorite songs we've ever learned.

I highly recommend teaching it to your children. The lyrics are easy to google and there are several good versions on youtube to listen to. Be wary of the ones that play the song while showing Native American pictures. The females in the pictures are often, ahem, scantily clad.

And if you have no idea what song I'm talking about--press play.

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