December 1, 2012

Book on Tape: Odysseus

I don't know if you can see it but the little blurb on the side of this audio book states, "The world's greatest adventure story!"  My seven-year-old son would certainly agree.

Since we were studying Ancient Greece and I love The Odyssey, I tried to find a simplified version for my kids.  I found this audio book at our library.  The adaptation was written by Geraldine McCaughrean and the recording was directed by Bruce Coville (read some of his books to your youngsters if you haven't already).  I've already mentioned that I usually don't like full cast productions, but this one is really well done.

The adaptation, titled Odysseus covered all the main points of The Odyssey.  The cyclops was a highlight for my children, as were any gruesome and disgusting parts.  I was surprised by how much my children enjoyed the story and how well they understood the theme of pride.  I cringed a few times at just how gory things got and how arrogant Odysseus was, but I didn't find anything inappropriate for my children.  The years with the water nymph were glossed over without great detail.  It just said that the nymph wanted to kiss Odysseus all the time and he tried to avoid her.

If you have kids about the ages of my oldest children (9, 7, 6)--especially if you have boys--I highly recommend giving this one a listen.

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  1. Our little broad loves Ancient Greece too. We've been studying it for a the last month of so. My kids are 3rd, 1st, and kindi. And, they love the stories and pick up keenly the consequences of pride also. We listened to Theseus also by Geraldine McCaughrean and my daughter had a hard time with the man that "lops off feet and heads" to make people fit beds in his inn. That story was horrid, and I think my sweet 8 year old daughter may struggle with that graphic story for awhile.