November 29, 2012

Ancient Greece Books for the Independent Reader

 I keep meaning to post more coherently about what we have done for Greece.  It probably won't happen.  I apologize.  What I can do for you is show you what Miriam read for her 4th grade special project extra readings.  She read two Magic Tree House books: Ancient Greece and the Olympics and Hour of the Olympics.  I really like Magic Tree House books.  Yes, they are below her reading level.  Yes, she's read most of them before.  However, the info is good, the writing engaging, and it gives Miriam more info than the rest of my kids are getting with the books I read out loud.

 We tried to cover the "classics" while studying Greece.  I did not read either of these books so I cannot vouch for them in any way shape or form.  All I can say is that Miriam read them and declared them, "Awesome."  The picture above shows the cover of Rosemary Sutcliff's Black Ships Before Troy: The Story of the Iliad.  
This is the cover of Penelope Lively's In Search of a Homeland: The Story of the Aeneid.  

Miriam didn't do an extra project for Greece.  We did so many other projects, including the Parthenon, that I had her do the reading and called it good.

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    Your oldest may enjoy browsing this site for photos and diagrams of ancient buildings.