November 10, 2012

Christmas Excitement: Cowen

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  It snowed--again--and my kids bundled up from head to toe and went outside and threw themselves (literally) into the snow.  It took Harriet a few minutes to figure it all out, but then she ate snow with the best of them.  

Cowen, my charming green-eyed 7 year old, was fairly easy to shop for, unlike some of the other children.  He has some really obvious likes and dislikes and he gets excited about everything.  He is the personification of the "all-boy" stereotype.  He does not hold still, he does not do gentle, and he adores his mother.  He has a very special place in my heart.    

This first present, the ever popular football, is for Cowen's birthday on March 1. You can't go wrong with sports equipment for little boys.  Especially as Cowen played flag football this year and loved it.

Cowen's Santa present is Snap Circuits Jr.  Timothy and I have been wanting to get him this for a few years but decided he was finally old enough to enjoy it and old enough to do most of it himself.  

 I couldn't resist getting Cowen two books.  The first one, Fencing for Fun!, is out-of-print but we found it used through  Cowen is in the Options Day program through Harmony and he is taking fencing.  He's wanted to take fencing since he was about four years old and he loves it.  There weren't many non-fiction books about fencing geared for the elementary crowd but this one is pretty decent.  Cowen will love it.
I've already raved about the book The Crossing: How George Washington Saved the American Revolution on this blog before.  You can read the full review if you click on the "must-read book" link. Suffice it to say, Cowen is a George Washington super-fan and this is the best George Washington book we've ever read.  It was an obvious choice for Christmas.

This incredibly awesome tiger thing is Cowen's stocking stuffer.  Papo just came out with a new line of fantasy figurines that feature animal fighters.  My hubby has not stopped raving since we first saw them in a Papo catalog.  Cowen's getting the tiger, Timothy's getting the lion, and Eli's getting the rhino.  I, myself, want the big-horn sheep.  So awesome.  I can't wait to see these guys take on our Schleich knights.  Sa-weet.  

LEGO Brickmaster: Star Wars (LEGO Star Wars) is great-grandma's present to Cowen. Cowen loves legos and Star Wars so this should be a winner.

And there you have it--Cowen's presents this year.  He's going to be so excited!!!  I love Christmas.  Just plain LOVE IT!!!!!!! 

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  1. I got the 300 project snap circuits for Zachariah last year. They were the perfect difficulty--it took him awhile to follow the instructions, but he could do it without my help. He really enjoyed it. We had an EE major over one time and HE loved playing with them. Awesome gift.