November 18, 2012

Earth Science: Clouds

 We are back to studying the weather.  Not for long though.  We are almost done.
 Studying clouds involved making clouds out of batting and cotton balls.  The kids had a blast.  To reinforce the concepts I put up a chart of different types of clouds on the wall and every day the kids evaluate the clouds outside, find the closest match on the chart, and then write down that day's type of cloud on a "chart" (piece of paper) taped on the wall next to the chart.  This has really helped the kids learn to slow down and think about the types of clouds.

 Even Lady Harriet made clouds!

Awesome.  For some supplemental material we read:

 The Cloud Book by Tomie de Paola.  It was the perfect length and mix of text and pics for the elementary level.

Wild About Weather by Ed Brotak pgs. 82- 92.

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