November 24, 2012

Christmas Excitement: Harriet

I don't know if it is just me but I find shopping for babies extremely difficult.  Harriet turns two in February so she is old enough to be excited to open a present and find something new within, but she's not old enough to care very much about what the item is.  Also, we have enough toys around the house that she never wants for playthings.  Or playmates, as that goes.  

On the other hand it is extremely fun to shop for the very littles because they don't complain about what they receive and never ask for anything.  Besides that, Harriet squeals with delight--I kid you not--and I'm looking forward to hearing that on Christmas morning.

Fortunately, Harriet does have some very decided interests including balls and babies.  We already have plenty of baby dolls so we decided that Santa would bring Harriet a ball.

It had to be bright and cheerful looking and be small enough that she could handle it without being small enough to lose.  I really like the one we ended up purchasing; the 7 inch Crocodile Creek Playball.  We got it off amazon.  

Harriet's book, Babies, is by Gyo Fujikawa, a favorite childhood author of my husband.  The illustrations are unbelievably sweet and as Harriet loves babies, I'm pretty sure it will be a winner.  This is an extra-long board book.  You should find it at the library to see the page of babies being naughty and the page of babies being nice.  So, so, so, so cute.  We purchased it at amazon.  (I don't like going to stores.)

I'm making Harriet this fabric doll for her stocking stuffer.  The other two girls are getting the same doll in different colors.  I purchased them all from  Just search for dolls or doll.  So far I have cut out the fabric.  I'm a little (lot) intimidated by sewing but as Christmas draws nearer I will have to bite the bullet and pull out the sewing machine.  Wish me luck.  

I think I mentioned before that I pick the children's present from their great-grandma.  Great-grandma is giving Harriet this Hohner Kids Glockenspiel this year.  We have a lot of musical instruments, but no glockenspiels yet.  I'm hoping this is a hit (ha) but we won't know until she's had it awhile.

Now--that is all we're giving Harriet.  Her sister Miriam picked her name for Christmas and is giving her a stuffed pumpkin she is sewing.  She's almost done and it is going to be pretty cute.  

Since that isn't very many ideas I thought I would share some truly awesome gifts that we've given in the past to this age group with great success.  

First, the beloved Sweet Pea.  We gave Sweet Pea to Harriet last Christmas when Harriet was almost one and Sweet Pea has been Harriet's most beloved object ever since.  She sleeps with her every day for her nap and every night.  I'll say, "Harriet, time for a nap," and Harriet will pout a little and then say, "Sweet Pea."  Once Harriet has Sweet Pea, all is well.  

Sweet Pea is very soft and cuddly and comes in a pod.  Harriet never cared much for the pod, but for kids who like to put things in and take things out, the pod might be a bonus.  There are other versions of the same idea including a snuggle bug and other more boyish looking dolls.  I think babies like them so much because they are so soft and simple.  Search for Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod.  They cost $10 at amazon.  In real life the green isn't that bright.

Next in the list of tried and true toys is the ever popular rocking toy.  We bought the Little Tikes Rocking Puppy for Miriam's 2nd Christmas (so she would have been about 18 months old) and Harriet and Eli still play on it constantly these eight years later.  We no longer have the black nose, but nothing else comes off so the rest is in perfect working order.  It isn't even discolored or awful looking as some plastic toys tend to become.  We're big fans of the easy-on, easy-off feature as we don't have to help the small ones at all.  Eli, age 3, can rock himself across the room and do little "tricks" on it.  You can get it at amazon.

Another favorite is the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes.  It plays really pretty music, it isn't too loud, it  is easy for tiny hands to push the button and change the songs, and it is easy to hold.  Harriet loves hers.    She dances.  
And that's it.  Like I said, this age group is hard.  A few years ago I would have wholeheartedly recommended the Playskool gloworm but they've changed the design and the last one we purchased stunk.  The first one we bought for Miriam lasted forever and was an absolute favorite.  I'm a little bitter about the changes. :)  For Harriet's birthday I'm considering a little baby stroller as I know she would love it.  My hubby is hesitant though because we've purchased those before and they've all broken within a few months.  Any ideas are welcome.  Harriet's birthday is in February.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. That Babies book is one of my very favorites. I love the naughty and nice pages as well. I'm trying to think of other ideas for Harriet-age gifts---I'll let you know if I think of anything!