August 7, 2013


I opened the box from Home Science Tools with great excitement and at the very top were the three garter snakes ready to be dissected and I decided that snakes were a bad choice.  A very, very bad choice.

I'm still a little (lot) freaked out knowing they're downstairs in a box in my locked store room.

Who knows what they'll do once I go to bed.

The rest of the dissection specimens--no big deal.  The sheep brains and sheep hearts looked fascinating.  Frogs are nothing, crayfish pretty cool, and the grasshoppers reminded me of my oldest sister who used to catch small animals, kill them, dissect them, and carefully attach the body parts to a labeled sheet of paper when she was 10ish.  She's in the medical profession now--no surprises there.

We're doing nine dissections total, including owl pellets.

I might have to just throw the snakes away though.  Or give them to my nephew who has heretofore been sniffy about my kids being homeschooled and now is desperate to join us--all due to dissecting.

I guess this is it, that pivotal moment in life where you find out if you are tough or a wuss.

I'm pretty sure I'm a wuss.

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  1. Do not thrown the snakes away! They smelled the worst but were SO AWESOME!!! The kids will LOVE them!! JULIA