August 6, 2013

Oskar, 5 months

This post has nothing worthwhile in it, but I had this adorable pic of Oskar sitting around my desktop needing to be shared with the masses.  He's so cute!

How is everyone doing on getting ready for school?  The library has assigned me several boxes because I've put so many books on hold to look through.  I'm tempted to get a library card for Oskar so I'll have seven cards instead of six, but then I think that might be excessive.  :)

We're using the Harmony Ed charter school program this year--the Independent Learning option-and I've also been spending countless hours figuring out what to purchase for this year.  I'm trying out a few new things.  In the next few days I hope to post about some of the new curriculum we'll be trying out.

In the meantime, I'm headed to bed.  My MIL is watching the children all day tomorrow so I can work with diligence on homeschooling stuff.  I am grateful for her.  Today I tried to work on homeschooling stuff and my children made a huge mess with the watercolors, so I sent them outside where they got into the mud.  I sent the older kids downstairs to sit on their beds while I bathed Harriet (the two-year-old).  While the water was running for the bath I mopped the kitchen and dining room floors where the kids had walked in with all the mud.  Then Oskar started screaming so I nursed him--all the while forgetting that the water was still running for the bath.

My older kids came upstairs and told me that there was water coming out of the ceiling downstairs.  I remembered the bath water and went racing into the bathroom where I found water pouring over the sides.  Yay.

Suffice it to say, it will probably be easier to pull homeschool together without the children.  (Come to think about it, most things are easier without children.  But without them what would we do with ourselves??)

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