January 22, 2014

Build a Flower

Pinterest has really increased my ability to find fun activities quickly.  Thank you, dear sisters, who forced me to learn how to use it.  I'm what some people might call "technology resistant."  In fact, my hubby gave me his old cell phone for Christmas.  It is a buy minutes as you go type thing.  I was EXTREMELY resistant to having a cell phone because I resent deeply church meetings where half the time is wasted by someone "quickly" looking something up on their blasted cell phone.  Among other latent cell phone hatred issues.  I only agreed to carry a cell phone with me when I'm in a vehicle because I get lost so often and my sweet husband worries about me.  To placate the man in charge of protecting me and my children from all harm (to the best of his ability), I now have a cell phone in my purse. 

Ahem, I do believe I got off topic there for a moment.  What I was saying is that I like Pinterest for homeschooling endeavors.  It is where I found the idea for making a 3D flower.  You can find the original idea here: http://crayonbits.blogspot.com/search/label/Plants.

The crucial ingredient for this flower is the muffin cup.  It really adds a bunch of pizzaz.  You can use straws or pipe cleaners for the stem.  We used beans (again, cheap) and hot glue for the seed things in the center.  I know, I know--I've already forgotten what they're called and we just studied it.  Argh!!

Pollen, the beans were pollen.  See, I knew Miriam would remember for me.  Thanks for your diagram, baby girl.

After the kids made their flowers they had to make a gazillion bouquets of flowers (neither labeled nor attached to a sheet of paper).  That worked out beautifully as we had put together some Christmas things for some of the elderly ladies in our area but we didn't have enough for everyone.  The bouquets filled in nicely so when we went caroling, all the sweet ladies had a present from us as well.

Another fun day of homeschooling!

PS Today was actually a really fun day of homeschooling.  I got distracted watching some of my favorite show numbers from musicals (I was one of the music kids in school) on youtube and the kids and I spent twenty minutes laughing at some of the best ones.  For example, "A Girl Who Cain't Say No," "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better," a bunch from Hugh Jackman's Oklahoma (fabulous!), "Sobbin' Women" (of course), "I'm Going to Wash that Man Right Out of My Hair," etc.  Then we spent the next little while dancing and being crazy.  No, we didn't get our planned Viking activity done but who cares--music is always most important at this house.  :)

PPS Watch this Hugh Jackman clip immediately, it will brighten your day.  The kids and I watched it twice, laughed uproariously, and then I immediately posted it to my family's website.  It is that funny.

PPPS I don't actually have anything else to add--I just think it is fun to get carried away with extra thoughts and PPPS is funny.

PPPPS Even funnier.

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