April 8, 2010

Fantastic Library Find--Score One for the Sloths

I was recently at the library (duh) looking for pioneer books (stay tuned for the complete pioneer unit coming in about two months) when I ran across this tremendously entertaining book: Score One for the Sloths.

The cover grabbed me. The illustrations are priceless. Especially the page where the sloths are building a tower with blocks, but it takes so much out of them that they have to nap in the middle of the project so the end tower has several blocks and several sleeping sloths all piled on top of each other. You really have to check out the book if only for that one illustration. Charming. Hilarious. My children loved this book.

The plot was okay. Better than many children's books. The sloth school is threatened with closure because the sloths aren't meeting basic scholastic achievement requirements. Sparky, a perky sloth, saves the day.

Fortunately, there is more napping than anything else in this book. I loved it. Check it out!

Score One for the Sloths by Helen Lester is available from the Davis County, UT library system.

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  1. so, my aunt is this very "country" kind of lady and when i was in college she pulled all the girls aside and gave us this advice, "well, girls, as you all start to get married and set up your houses, you need to keep one thing in mind - pick your animal. once you pick your animal, you can build your decorating scheme from there." probably some of the funniest/best advice i've ever received...and so you know that it was received in the best possible attitude of respect (not), i picked the sloth. can i tell you - it is SOOOO hard to find sloth knick-knacks. impossible. i'm going to have to get this book and tear all the pages out of it and frame them and scatter them all over my walls. sigh. makes me so happy.