April 13, 2010

Two Success Stories

Before you think I'm an impressive home educator with mad "o" skills, allow me to explain these two pictures.

On Sunday, I was asked to sing at a graveside service the coming Thursday, or put together a group of people to sing at the service. I called three friends and they met at my house this morning to run through the song the family had picked, "Angels Among Us" by Alabama.

As a group, we decided that the "Oh" at the beginning of each chorus was awkward for us, and so we crossed it out.

My five year old son heard that we were crossing out "o" and ran for a colored pencil. He pulled over a chair to where the women folk were sitting, got his own library book to put his paper on (just like us) and started crossing out all the "o"s he could find.

When the women left, Cowen proudly handed me his paper and said, "I found way more 'o's than you did!'"

The other night I was done with my children at 6:30 pm. This has been known to happen around here. I put everyone in bed, but as a precaution, I gave Miriam a book to keep her out of trouble. Since she was at my mercy and would read anything I handed to her, I gave her Little House on the Prairie. While that is easily within Miriam's reading level, she still likes shorter books (she's only 6) so this was my chance to show her that longer books are okay too. She read 3/4ths of it that night. Success!

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