April 15, 2010

My Soapbox

I wrote an email to a nice person today about my wariness of homeschool blogs that style themselves as "LDS" or "Christian" and decided to post parts of it here. Allow me to begin with what I feel is a very important truth:

Homeschooling is not mandatory for salvation.

I often find myself uncomfortable reading homeschool blogs. Many blogs preach (and I mean preach) a certain type of homeschooling, such as TJEd or Charlotte Mason, or unschooling. The more attached a blogger is to a certain philosopy, the more uncomfortable I feel. Not because I think there is something wrong with those homeschooling methodologies but because homeschooling is not the one true religion. It is a valid choice among many valid choices. And each particular methodology is a valid homeschooling option among many valid homeschooling options. When I read homeschooling blogs, I usually wind up feeling alienated rather than supported or inspired.

I'm not saying that there can't be homeschool blogs aimed specifically at families utilizing a particular approach. Obviously, Charlotte Mason fans want blogs specifically aimed to help them reach their specific homeschooling goals. That only makes sense. It is mostly the attitude I find troubling. The us/them feeling. I like to learn about different methodologies so I can take what I like from each one. I do not like to read a blog that insists one methodology is the one and only way to true homeschooling happiness in this life and the next.

As for sanctimonious LDS homeschoolers . . .. I find it troublesome when any Christian homeschoolers, but especially LDS homeschoolers, imply or outright state that homeschooling is somehow more morally correct than not homeschooling. This is a very pervasive attitude and again, I think it is alienating and ridiculous. Of course, many homeschoolers believe no such thing. I am not trying to say that anyone who made a decision to homeschool based on revelation or a fear of unhealthy influences at school, or because they think Halloween is a wicked holiday are sanctimonious. I would not homeschool if I didn't feel that my Heavenly Father approved. However, I will never put a quote from President Benson (or any other religious figure) on my blog as a way to support or legitimize my choice. It is not doctrine to homeschool.

I'm afraid I might have stepped onto a soapbox again, but I feel strongly that we are all here to support each other and that means nixing the attitude of us/them or right/wrong (as pertains to homeschooling--not the commandments).

And now I am stepping down from my soapbox.


  1. AMEN!!!!!! It's SOOOO nice to read a homeschool blog that addresses what I've been thinking...I like to read homeschool blogs for ideas/advice. There ARE many different ways to homeschool -- thank heavens! To say that one method or philosophy is "the only one true way" is ridiculous (to say the least). I'm religious, but I certainly don't force feed my religion or philosophies to others.

    Great post and good points! :)

  2. Well said! --I'm Kayli's friend and stopped by per her recommendation. Thanks for sharing what you've learned/learning! I'll be sending my first to Kindergarten next year...wondering how I'll feel about it all. My sister-in-law home schools and loves it. I love hearing all the different perspectives on education!