February 2, 2011

a curriculum of charity...

i'm always looking for a way for my kids
to help out in their community and around the world.
this is the project we are currently undertaking.
go check it out
as you are shopping and cutting and filling up the bags,
use this as an opportunity
to talk about the birth story of each of your children.
and explain what role hospitals and medicine play in our lives.
then explain how others do not have the same blessings as we do.

remember, empathy is a valuable commodity in today's society.
there seems to be a diminishing capacity to learn it
amidst the materialistic and entitlement driven values
that surround us.

okay, have fun.
whether you are preparing a meal for a widow around the corner
or passing a dollar and an apple to a homeless person
you have opportunities talk about the have and have nots of the world.
don't shy away from teaching your kids about reality
don't be harsh
but be truthful.
your child's heart is enormous.
they can handle it.

good luck.
becky from hellofromhades.blogspot.com

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