February 21, 2011

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First and Foremost:

Happy New Baby, Andrea!
she's a doll.


reason #6,349 why homeschooling rocks -
when you rush everyone out to the car
and get in and look back
and see that your baby girl dressed herself
in gold rayon leggings that you bought for fun,
(and never thought would leave the house)
her brother's green fleece sweater and socks,
and her favorite purple shoes -

because only the clerk, the bagger and the old lady behind you
have to know your shame.

had i been rushing to get the babes to school,
this would have been a
"gone-down-in-history" sort of morning
where i would have had to go home
and eat my weight in bon-bons
and read romance novels
while i cried.

but because we homeschool -
piece of cake.


well, maybe i'll feel a little bit more shame,
now that i've gone and shared it with you guys.
so, no judgment!

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