February 4, 2014

Bean Seed in a CD Case

Last post about our plant unit.  We planted lima bean seeds in clear cd cases so we could watch the roots grow.  No, this was not an original idea of mine.  I found the idea at: http://www.2busybrunettes.com/2012/03/08/its-time-to-spill-the-beans/.  We started out really dedicated to the idea and planted and watered with care.

Then we had some sprouting and root growing action.

See--it was going really well!
And then we got busy with our next unit and I forgot about the beans for a few days (they were pretty hidden behind the blinds where we put them to get adequate sunlight).  Sadly, due to neglect, the plants never got bigger than the picture posted above.  Besides the lack of watering, the cd cases were all knocked off the window ledge periodically resulting in loss of important soil.

What we learned:

1) this works beautifully and you should all try it if you are studying plants;

2) put the cd cases somewhere secure so they won't fall and lose soil;

3) water them regularly (I'm just full of unexpected insights today, aren't I?);

4) even if they die much learning takes place.

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