February 1, 2014


 As part of our plant unit we made terrariums.  My hubby found all the containers/tins at local thrift shops.  We went and gathered oolitic sand ourselves to put in the bottom of the terrariums.  The decorative rocks were all collected by us and polished in our tumbler during our rock unit.  I loved how both units were utilized in the terrarium making.
 Miriam's terrarium for her room.

Cowen's terrarium for his room.

 Some of the smaller tin terrariums we made.  Sadly, these terrariums have experienced some sad deaths.  It makes no sense to me that the terrariums that are downstairs in the kids' rooms with no direct sunlight are thriving while the terrariums that sit on my kitchen table drenched in sunlight for half of the day are not doing as well.

I do not have a green thumb.

The rubbery looking plants are doing better than the non-rubbery looking plants.  We found all our plants in the succulent section of the nursery.  I hoped succulent = indestructible but, sadly, that was not the case.

Overall, though, we loved this project.  When we have a larger home the kids and I want to make one really large terrarium.  There are tons of cute terrarium accessories at the nursery we went to (JJ's Nursery in Layton, UT for those of you who live in my neck of the woods).  There were little toadstools and lanterns, and tables, and fairies, and gnomes, and animals.  There were whole scenes you could create by including things like bridges and gazebos.

The cutest thing ever was the little Christmas terrarium they had.  It had reindeer and Santa and little Christmas lights, and the cutest little birdhouses covered in snow.  Loved it!!  Seasonal terrariums!  That's the kind of decorating I might be able to manage.  :)

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  1. I love your polished rocks! And your terrariums are darling.