March 5, 2011

Other Africa Books

Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions by Margaret Musgrove is a must-read book. My children loved it. The pictures are awesome. It is an a-z book with an African tribe described for each letter. Obviously, with just one page for each tribe the info is not very in-depth, but it is perfect for kids because the info is interesting, brief, and the pictures. Wow. The pictures make the whole thing. Loved it.

Ashanti to Zulu should really be followed by African Journey by John Chiasson. The photographs are amazing. It is a photo-essay about modern Africa (okay, modern as of 1987). Still, it was a great way to talk about what has changed in Africa and what has stayed the same. It also introduces the concept of famine and drought and what happens when people can't grow food. Sad, but a good discussion.

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