October 15, 2012

Cowen's First Sewing Project

Cowen wanted to learn how to sew on a button so I taught him.  Then he wanted the buttons to be eyes and wanted a nose and mouth.  We tracked down some fabric scraps, "designed" the mouth, and Cowen got to use the sewing machine for the first time.  He did great and thought he was awesome.

I refuse to feel guilty that Miriam did her first sewing project when she was 5 and Cowen is already 7 (nearly 8).  I'm trying.  There are so many things to do and so much to teach.  He'll catch up.  The fact that I try to teach my children how to sew when I don't know how to sew is a testament to my desire to teach every needful thing OR extreme hubris.  I'm not sure which.

I am sure that I love the weird pumpkin face he made.

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