November 11, 2012

Miriam's first major sewing project

Miriam made her first quilt.  We've been doing small straight-sewing projects since Miriam turned five but I thought it was time for her to do something a little more complicated.  I only know how to sew in a straight line so I couldn't do anything more complicated.  In lieu of complicated, I opted for more involved.  Something that would take more time and have more steps.  

First I looked up a free pattern on a quilt website so I would know how much fabric we needed.  Then we took a trip to Joann's for the fabric, which Miriam picked entirely on her own.  Then Miriam washed, dried, and ironed the fabric.  I cut it into squares although I let her do three or four.  I was paranoid about wasted material.  I'm working on it.

Then Miriam laid the squares out on the floor and decided how she wanted it to look.  Then she sewed the squares together.  The best part is that Miriam is pretty much an independent sewer at this point, if it is straight line.  She can change the bobbin and thread the machine.  She knows how to backstitch and pin small pieces of material together.  I don't have to watch her anymore.

I did help a little.  Miriam sewed the first two rows together but then she had a hard time managing the amount of fabric hanging around the sewing machine, so I sewed the rest of the rows together.  Also, Cowen was desperate to sew, so he sewed some blocks together as well.

 I'm still a bit of a wimp when it comes to putting a quilt on the frames.  I've put on enough with my Mom that I'm pretty confident I could do it if I had to, but I still prefer to not be the one in charge.  My Mom donated a day to the cause and came to help.  It was a good thing.  I wasn't very patient with teaching Miriam how to tie.  I'm not very patient with many things right now, in fact.  Mom helped Miriam tie a row and helped Cowen tie a row and then my sister Lindsay, Mom, and I finished.

 THANK YOU, MOM!!! (and no, I don't look anything like my mom--I'm still bitter about it)
 There's me--not showing any children how to do anything.

And my mom being patient again.
The next day I sewed the border and voila, Miriam had a quilt.
That's her in the bottom bunk, fast asleep under her new, very warm, and very special quilt.

Great job, Miriam!!!

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