December 29, 2012

How To Be A Hero

Before Christmas I let the kids get a little crafty.  We used the ends of Christmas trees that they give away free at the Lowe's Christmas tree center.  I had no idea how to decorate the things or what to do with them in general so I just pulled out every crafting item in our house and let the kids go to town.

You know what?  And this is important mothering information: If you let your children use a glue gun, you will be their hero.  I had no idea motherhood was so simple.

Sadly, the next day, when I said we were doing our Saturday's work, I fell instantly out-of-favor.  Popularity is so hard to maintain.

My "Christmas Ornament Thingy."  It turned out pretty sad but I was proud of myself for coming up with an idea.  Still am.

A close-up of Eli's wolf ornament.
Cowen's Whatzit.
Pretty girl.
Miriam's Thing-A-Ma-Jig.
Love her.

Pull out a glue gun.  See what happens.

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