February 23, 2013

Planet Mobile

My ability to teach school has been pretty sad lately.  We've done the basics: math, grammar, Rosetta Stone, piano (well, Miriam has done piano, the other two have not), Study Island, but we haven't done much with science or history.
 The kids have learned a lot, however, by my leaving the outer space library books lying around.  Miriam's read several out loud to the other kids.  She's also researched Mercury well enough to have 4 main points about 4 main questions.  She's learning about online encyclopedias while she's at it.
 So we haven't been completely useless.  Just mostly useless.  Reminds me of a movie . . ..
 One thing we did do, however, was put together a mobile of the planets.  The kids loved painting the planets.

My hubby hung it up for us.  Then the kids destroyed it and it went in the garbage.  Such is the way of these things.  

The mobile came with this very nice poster.  It is still on the wall so it has held up better than the actual mobile.

While I can't say that this mobile was the best one or anything, it certainly did what it advertised and my children enjoyed putting it together.  They have loved every bit of the limited time we've spent on space.  I plan on revisiting the topic again very soon.  Post-baby.  :)

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  1. I gave that same mobile to Sterling for his birthday a couple years ago. He loved it, and we hung it over Ruth's crib. The little strings survived our first move this summer, but got hopelessly tangled in the second move. Sterling always thought it was super awesome though, and was really annoyed when I wanted to paint the planets bright colors instead of the colors they actually are. Hm.