September 23, 2013

New Art Supplies

Have any of you ever felt like buying the supplies is the easy part of so much of homeschooling?  I can buy the art supplies, no problem.  But then, what to do with them?  I don't know how to create any form of art and I loathe trying.  Seriously, I was the kid in elementary school getting frustrated whenever there was an art or coloring assignment.  Except maps--I love coloring maps because everything is so precise.

I continue to buy the art supplies and let me kids play around with them but every now and again I wish I had the capacity to really teach them something about creating art.

On the bright side, they sure do love their new easels!

1 comment:

  1. I love the easels! Where did you get them? I feel the same way you do about art. (I pay someone to teach my kids art)