October 18, 2013

Middle Ages Mosaics

 With great sadness I have to admit that we've been doing a lot more science than history these days.  My kids are warped and weird and love science.  Argh!  I have managed to work history in here and there.  We skimmed through the book in the above pic on the Byzantine Empire and then we made mosaics.

I got a bunch of paint samples from Lowe's, let the kids envision their picture, pick a cardstock color, draw their pictures, choose their paint samples, cut the samples, and then glue the little pieces onto their picture.

That was a terribly long sentence.  I apologize.

When we were done for the day I tried to throw away the excess tiny pieces of paper and my children had a collective nervous breakdown.  They had more mosaics to make!  More creative energies to expend!

There is now a ziploc bag of cut up paint samples in our craft drawer.  Fair warning--this is not a tidy craft and it lingers.

 Cowen's wolf.
 Miriam's  . . . something.
 Harriet's artwork.
 Emeline's Cutie Thing.
Miriam's Flowers.

I also showed my children the incredible mosaic my sister made when she was in high school.  Here's the linky.  You should see it for the mosaic but also for the cut paper art around the edge.  Crazy awesome, Kami!


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  1. Ugh! Science. my least favorite subject to teach.
    The mosaics turned out really cute. I may have to borrow this idea. I think I may be tempted to throw away tiny scraps of paper too.
    and yes your sister's mosaic is pretty cool and beautiful. I would not have the patience to do that. (but I clearly have the patience to type long comments :) )