April 3, 2014

Moving Update

On Wednesday I found out that the people who were going to buy our house couldn't get the loan put together.  Argh!!!!  Then this morning my realtor called and said that there would be a showing today at 3:00.  My house was in its normal state of dishevel and so I spent every second until 3:00 cleaning and tidying.  I didn't make it on time and there were bags of laundry in my van and dirty dishes in the oven (not a good option since many people open the oven when they look at a house, but I didn't want dirty dishes in the van and couldn't think of anywhere else to stick them).

It paid off, I guess.  The people put an offer on the house.  I should be rejoicing but it was a real lowball offer so we'll find out tomorrow if they accept our more reasonable counter offer or if they counter our counter offer or if they just decide to look elsewhere.

I swear I'm getting an ulcer.

Wish me luck.


  1. Andrea,

    I came across your blog quite some time ago, and sorry to say I haven't visited in an even longer time. However, I stopped by this evening in a moment of not being able to sleep. After reading a few posts I almost jumped through the screen wanting to say hello and tell you that it will get better and things will work out.

    Last year I had our fifth child in May. About a month later we decided it was time for us to move. Homeschooling my other four children and with a newborn on my hip (mind you after a very difficult c-section) hubby and I frantically got the house in order to sell. Needless to say, homeschooling got quite interrupted!

    I hated the showings! I never liked being there in the home when people came through, so I'd pack up the kids and off we'd go. Thank goodness it was summer! We would go to the park and sometimes even just drive around or sit in the car. As the days wore on keeping the house somewhat presentable became priority and school work was done less. The guilt started piling on, and yes, I swear the weight did too. Ulcers? Shoot. Let's talk kidney stones!

    We finally got an awesome offer and the day before we were to close, they backed out! Aargh! Long story short, two offers later we were ready to close. We had our new home lined up as well and we're going to both houses within days of each other. That's until The Lord decided He had other plans for us. We sold our home but the house we were going to buy fell through! Homeless!!!

    Another long story short, we were homeless for three months - over the holidays nonetheless - and relying on the good graces of family to house us. We finally found another house, closed and have been in it for a month now. The kids had a break from school for A LONG TIME! Guilt, yes. Sadness, yes. Stress, yes. Ulcers, yes. Chaos, yes. But the blessings have abounded.

    Things are finally settling down and we're slowly getting back into a schedule. The guilt and stress is slipping away, as is the extra pounds!

    I apologize for the novel, but just wanted to say that it will get better. Don't sweat the small stuff. Your kids will pull through like troopers and all will be well. I wouldn't trade any of what we went through for anything. We learned a lot, grew as a family and learned to rely on The Lord more fully.

    Keep smiling. Hang in there. I'm rootin' for you!!!

  2. Natalie,

    Oh my goodness!! That sounds horrific. I'm glad you finally ended up in a house and appear to be doing well. I'm impressed by your positive attitude. Wow. Thanks for the perspective shift--things can always be worse, right? :)