December 13, 2010

Other Fish Books We Liked

The Secret Seahorse by Stella Blackstone.

What's it Like to be a Fish? by Wendy Pfeffer.
The Magic School Bus On the Ocean Floor by Joanna Cole.

Skeletons: An Inside Look at Animals by Jinny Johnson.

The Cod's Tale by Mark Kurlansky. (From the author of the best-seller Cod: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the World.) This was one of our favorite books. It is actually a history book explaining how the Vikings learning to dry cod changed the world. FASCINATING. A must read! It would work well for an American history lesson on colonization or the Revolutionary War, or early visitors to the Americas. Loved it.

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  1. Okay so I had to go to the shelf and pick out some of our favorites (really I started because there is a fish book we love and then I grabbed a bunch of others we like too). So I usually pick a theme about that time of year and then check out books in that theme- like you -but here area a couple of our favorites that live at home.

    Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle- my favorite by Carle. Also talks about all the different ways fish dads take care of their babies and also hide. I love this book. We got it at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and I haven't seen it anywhere else. That same trip we got a really good children's book about Jaques Custeau the is called Fish man or something. It lives at Grandma's house. I have also seen a really good middle reader about Sylvia Earle that Miriam might like.

    On to other animals- In My Nest by Gillingham and Siminovich is a book for Eli- We LOVE it.

    Mooses Come Walking by Arlo Guthrie- Just fun.

    I am a little monkey by Francois Crozat- I love this whole series. The illustrations are charming and the information simple and informative- maybe a little young for your oldest two.

    On the Seashore by Milbourne and Waters- This is a great bool about tidal pools. I loved it and it was one that really helped Coen get excited about the tidal pools this summer and now when we read it he remembers getting to find and hold all those creatures.

    And on to Church stuff- as you know I hate most books published for mormons- blech- but I found this little gem and wish there were more like it. I Know He is There by Thornley. Just simple and sweet and it has flaps to lift and a brother with stinky feet.