December 27, 2010

Reptiles: Lizards

I know what you are thinking: where is the post that introduces reptiles and lists all the best reptile books? What about the chart? What is going on???

Well, I can't post that yet because we haven't read all our books about reptiles and my children still want to, so I cannot with any authority say which books are our favorites. I know this doesn't matter to people who don't live around here. I realize that libraries have wildly different titles available so I might be wasting my time a little by posting the books. But. I know there are people in Davis County, Utah who read this blog and they have the same library system as me. So I will continue posting the book titles just in case it is helpful to someone sometime.

As for reptiles--they are creepy. We are enjoying them. They are also easier to organize for study as there are only four groups of them. Lizards is one of the groups.

Xtreme Predators: Lizards by S. L. Hamilton. This book was primarily about komodo dragons. It was freaky. The girls and I shrieked several times. Cowen loved it. I highly recommend despite the title containing a misspelled word. Grr.
A True Book: Lizards by Trudi Strain Trueit. This book is about what you'd expect from the title. We all really liked it.

For lizard day we read the two lizard books and a few books about reptiles in general. Then we took the quiz on the National Geographic website. My kids only missed one and that is because while the books we read mentioned that some lizards can detach body parts and regenerate them, they never mentioned what that is officially called. You might want to look that up before taking the quiz. Just a hint. Other than being annoyed that they missed a question, my children enjoyed the quiz. (Obviously, it involved the computer.)

You can find the quiz here.

If the link fails you, here is the actual address:

The game/quiz is called Lounging With Lizards and is halfway down the page.

Have fun!

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