January 26, 2011

Another Baptism Prep Idea

I found a copy of Baptism is the Key: My Baptismal Covenant by Jeni Brinton Gochnour at Deseret Book, but they also sell it on amazon (where it qualifies for free shipping).

The book is only 14 pages long but it was worth the money. Very worth it as it is not a book in the traditional sense, but a collection of activities suitable for sharing time. So the first page has a picture of John the Baptist with a cut-out where you can slide a list up and down. The list has five things John the Baptist taught about baptism.

Now that Miriam and I have read a lot about baptism, I told her it was time for her to teach her brothers and sisters what she has learned. Every week for the past few weeks she has prepared one of the activities from the Gochnour book and then presented it in a brief "Baptism Moment" during Family Home Evening.

Miriam loves this because it involves lecturing her younger siblings and putting together a crafty-thing. I like it because my only job is to photocopy the activities (I will be reusing the book with younger sibs) and put them in her Baptism Binder. Miriam does everything else on her own. She picks the activity, colors it, puts it together, and practices what she wants to say in FHE. I try to not help with that last one, but I also want to make sure she understands the concepts, so I've usually gone over the info with her for each activity at least once before she presents it. Just in case she missed a critical idea.

Miriam even used one of these activities for a talk in primary. Very useful stuff. There are 13 activities total and I imagine they can be used in a variety of ways. If you think of something awesome, make sure to share with us!!

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