January 20, 2011

My Two Year Old's Current Favorite Books

I know, I know. A two year old is a very unpredictable creature and just because my son loves these four books, it in no way means your two year old will also love them.

However, considering how many times I read these a day--I thought I might as well share. You never know--your two year old might love them also.

Eli's very favorite book is The Bunny Book by Richard Scarry. It is an older Golden Book and a little gem I picked up from DI. The pictures are charming and have a lot of visual interest and the ending is sweet. Love it.
Most of my kids fall in love with David when they hit three or four. Eli already thinks it is great fun to say, "No, David!" and "Uh-oh!" and "The cat doesn't like it!" I'm sure you've all read the David books, but if you haven't--they are awesome. David Gets in Trouble by David Shannon.
My SIL discovered The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen and immediately bought a copy for me and all my sibs. It is about a glum fish who thinks his mouth is made for pouting when really his mouth is made for smooching. Charming. Even more charming is watching my little son carry around the book while making kissing faces/noises. Cute, cute.
Eli's other favorite book is Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball by Vicki Churchill. The pictures are so wonderful in this book. My children love to act out the different pages and love turning the book around to look at the tree and the funny faces. Really, this is a keeper. Get it in board book form as it really appeals to the small people crowd.


  1. a couple of new ones to try...thanks. we loooove the pout pout fish - it's memorized and repeated (don't bother with the follow up - not nearly as engaging). and all david books are high on our list (we have a nephew just like him and that seems to crack the kids up) anyhoo - thanks for that.

  2. oh, if you can track down selma (you'll love it for yourself as well) - it's a tiny little red book about a sheep. very sweet and the kids love it and it's pocket size.

  3. I ran across your blog post and just wanted to say that I'm glad your two year old likes The Pout-Pout Fish!

    Best Fishes,
    Debbie Diesen (author of The Pout-Pout Fish)