January 20, 2011

keeping it fresh...

luke has a hard time getting motivated to finish things.
so i have to get creative.
today, i wanted luke to draw me a book.
so i promised him i would make him
a "computer book" of his drawings.
upon hearing this, it was game on.
(and bonus - he decided to write the story all by himself.)
these are the best "computer renderings"
of his pictures that i could do...
they're surprisingly accurate.
the little lost chick.
all of the eggs hatched.
one egg didn't hatch.
there was a boy who wanted a baby chick.
the egg hatched and the boy stole the chick.
in his room was so cool, she decided to live in his room.
the chick and the boy were playing chess.
now the boy has lots of chicks.
they are playing ball.
the end.

tomorrow, we'll work on the proper spelling
and sentence structure of his book.
for now, he's as proud as a peacock of his book
and the "computer book" i made him to go along with it.

give it a try.
you won't regret it.
and besides, you'll have a keepsake to store away.

ps: all i've been hearing this week is that
luke and charlie want a baby duck.
allllll weeeeek loooong.
i've been saying no a lot.
i think this is luke's way of saying that
i might be pushing him to drastic measures
in order to get his baby duck.

so, if anyone's baby duck goes missing this week,
let me know.
i'll go look in his cool room and return promptly.

becky from hellofromhades.blogspot.com


  1. Love it!!! How do you make a computer book? I'm glad he isn't hung up on spelling. Miriam won't write anything until she knows how it is spelled. It gets annoying after awhile.

  2. picnic.com - used all their "stickers" to make it. luke loves it because he printed it and had to show everyone both books. plus it lets him choose the picture and whatnot.