March 4, 2010

Mountain Man Unit--Fort Buenaventura Rendezvous

If you live anywhere near Ogden, Utah, and you're studying mountain men, Indians, pioneers, or just want a fun time for a very cheap price, you should head to Fort Buenaventura during one of their two annual rendezvous.

The one we attended was Labor Day of 09, and I must say, it wasn't well advertised and there wasn't a nice outline of when events were taking place. We learned that it is best to not go the last day as there really isn't as much going on as the previous days.

Despite that, we had a great time. There was canoeing.

Indian impersonating.

Dock running.

Wildlife hunting.

Natural scenic beauty enjoying.

Skunk hat trying.

Picture posing.

Fort exploring.

And several other activities like canoe racing and cannon shooting and archery contests. We also paid $1 for each child to make a beaded necklace on a strip of leather and that was another huge (cheap) hit.

The rendezvous was only $2 per person and it was well worth it.

There's another one coming up in April. I'm pretty sure we'll be attending. I need to hunt me up another frog!

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