March 8, 2010

Mountain Man Unit--More Ideas

I know, I know--most mountain men explored by foot. But. There has to be a good reason to go on a trail ride buried somewhere in the expansive and inclusive study of mountain men. Maybe not. However, these horses and this trail ride allowed us to explore a mountain. There, I knew I could make it work.

Logan in autumn.

A very happy Cowboy Cowen.
Our trail guide. See, yet another connection. Many mountain men later became guides to pioneers traveling west. We let Grandpa demonstrate his guiding prowess.

Emeline didn't go on the longer trail ride, but she did get a few lessons in horsemanship.
At the Logan Zoo looking at the camera. Just prior to this, though, we were looking at bobcats.
Possibles bags! Julie sewed them up (don't judge--our kids are young) and the kids decorated them. They LOVED those bags for a long time and on many hikes.
Making beef jerky. Another great (and disgustingly messy) idea by Julie!

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