March 4, 2010

School Cancelled Due to the Weather

Yes, that is rain. In Utah. Wahoo! A cold, windy, March rain--but rain, nonetheless. Of course school was instantly cancelled when we noticed the first few drops. Nothing messes with a child's concentration more than the weather.

They want to be out in it. Even if they're freezing.

Cowen's tough. He lasted a whole three minutes longer than Miriam.

Wait, wait!! Isn't that snow?? Why yes, it is snow. That was two days before the rain day. School was cancelled for several hours that day as well. I couldn't bring myself to stand between my boy and his shovel. Especially since it will probably be quite some time before there is snow again.

Don't feel too sorry for him. He's turned his snow shovel into a dirt shovel and has spent hours during the past two warm days digging a hole. That shovel was the best investment of my life.

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